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Dizzydonor is a homespun media, text, one-off events and music production thing.
It is primarily birthed (ouch) and managed by Jon Tjhia, with a constant rotation of collaborators and instigators.
  • We are based in Melbourne, Australia... but we are interested in the whole world!
  • We provide sound/print/web design, audio editing, copywriting/editing, content production and recording services.
  • We have a penchant for collaboration on original, exciting projects.
  • We are open-minded and forward-thinking, with an eye on the past...
  • We do not feel it is our place to make carbon copies of culture that exists already.
  • We believe in culture's ability to distill and action practical, social change (for better and for worse).
  • We are mindful of environmental concerns, and minimise packaging, unnecessary travel, and wastage wherever possible.
  • We hope to be your friend soon, but...whenever you're ready.

What about the name?
Well... you know how, after donating blood, you can feel light-headed and dizzy? We give just as much of ourselves to each of our projects. And we sometimes feel light-headed and dizzy after that, too.

We’d love for you to be in contact —

mail: info (at) dizzydonor.org